Tuesday, May 7

Is there a "wrong time" to start something???

I think there might be...

Maybe it's the spring weather...maybe it's impending motherhood...maybe it's the thought of report cards just around the corner...maybe it's a student leaving for the year in 2 weeks and thinking 'oh crap - I still need to do this and this and this with him'...

Maybe it was the wrong time to start my blogging/TPT adventure.  I'm not sure...

James Cameron said "If you wait for the right time to have a child, you'll die childless"...so if I waited for the right time to start a blog, I'd die blogless, right??  Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing ;)

Anywho, long winded way of saying that I've been behind in blog posting, and I'm not going to remedy that tonight, but I'll leave you with a few pictures (cause that's what I like looking at when I read blogs).

In the class:

Here's a girl after my own heart.  Sorting everything by colours!!

This boy even had admirers from another class looking at his structure.  It reminded me of Jenga...

Here's an attempt at more purposeful play..."make a plan before you build your structure"...well I'm pretty sure they drew theirs after making the structure...not exactly the point...hummmmmm

Hopefully the focus for my next post...classroom tour: version 1.0

At home:

Thanks to my hub (...and dad...and father-in-law), the pool is getting clearer by the day...won't be long now till I can relax with a floaty and a cool beverage (probably just a Pepsi, until I'm cleared for more exciting beverages this summer).

My 3 baskets FULL of laundry to be put away...

At least I'm done the quilt and clock for the nursery, however still need to paint that bassinet (fyi - I've had the paint since August...even BEFORE I was expecting).

Lastly, the thing that is helping me to sleep at night...although I'm almost out!  Oh no....

Back to working on Mother's Day presents, and procrastinating working on the Mother's Day presents by making my first 'sellable' item for TPT.  Who am I kidding though...I'll be in bed within the hour :)


  1. Okay first...I am so jealous of your backyard! Second, I might have a bottle of Zantac leftover that I can bring you! Third, I also love looking at the pictures in blogs, it's my favourite. And fourth we are also building structures next door this week but a little bit differently (we have a lot of empty toilet paper rolls to use up lol).

  2. I totally know about the "wrong time" feeling. I first started a blog when I started grad school, and I'm not disciplined enough for that! I ended up "restarting" about a month ago, when I graduated. I feel like collaborative blogging is the way to go, you know?

    Amy @ The Littlest Superheroes