Sunday, May 26

How do you organize papers?

For the past 2 years, I have been using a daily duotang system to collect/organize my kiddos papers.  I have found this system has many benefits including:

1. keeping subject specific papers together
2. keeping parents informed of what we're doing in class
3. creating a format for assigning homework (if needed)

Our school board operates on a Day 1-5 schedule (instead of a Monday to Friday schedule), so this year my duotangs look like this...

Day 1: Weekly Newsletter/Reward System Update/WWW (Word Wall Words) Spelling Sheet
Day 2: English Poems and Songs/English WWW Homework
Day 3: Math papers
Day 4: French Poems and Songs/French WWW Homework
Day 5: Misc. (e.g., science, social studies, health)

Students are taught at the beginning of the year how to add papers to their duotangs.  Each day when they come into class, they drop them off in the appropriate bucket, and their new duotangs are laid out on the carpet.  The papers to go in are either at the carpet (if they're a completed sheet with their names on them) or in a pile on their desk spots (if they are blank).

I am super excited to add my first product to purchase onto TPT!  Take a peek to see what I put into my Day 2 duotangs.  Here are a few pics...

Last year, I started this project of creating Word Wall review pages that I could send home in my weekly duotangs.  The focus was on making the activities predictable so that students could complete them without parental assistance.   I have found that the students love doing these pages and have actually cheered when I gave them time in class to work on them.  I am so happy to have the chance to share this work with other people. 

Click on the image above or below to visit my TPT store to download this Word Wall Word Pack.

What are your thoughts on homework?  Do you have a system for keeping track/sending home all the goodies your kiddos work on in class?


  1. Kristin you are brilliant! I love your word wall pages!

    I pinned this to the Canadian Teacher Resource board on pinterest and the TPT language arts board I follow!

  2. Great idea. Good luck with the sale of your first product.