Thursday, August 22

What have I been up to?

With everyone getting back into the 'swing of things' with school starting up in a little over a week, I feel very odd.  I feel like I should be laminating like crazy.  I feel like I should be making daily visits to Scholar's Choice.  I feel like my days should be spent photocopying, organizing, and preparing.  However, none of that is going to happen for me right now because I have a little something at home keeping me busy...
My little girl arrived into this world mid-July, and the world hasn't been the same ever since.  She's currently taking up almost every spare minute I have, but I'm told this will 'level off' at some point.  I do have hopes though for my year off for maternity leave, and I'm hoping that by recording them, I'll follow through.

1. Prepare and post at least 5 products to my TPT site.
2. Blog fairly regularly about something...maybe teaching related...maybe family related...probably a little of both.
3. Take an AQ course next July.  I'm trying to decide between Reading Part 2 or Math Part 1.

Wish me luck! (both with parenting and my goals)