Monday, June 17

Father's Day Gifts

The end is near...and I know that because Father's Day is over and done with.  I always have a tough time coming up with Father's Day gifts.  In the past, I've done a photo frame, a tie themed card, a key chain, and snack mix.  I haven't really loved any of them.  I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought I could adapt it to make it work.  I picked up some picture frames at Dollarama and set to it.

I wanted to have the kiddos really take a part in the I thought about having them draw something, and then remembered what June is actually like and thought we needed something a little more 'straight forward'.  I took some clip art that I had and made a collage that they had to colour in.  I demonstrated proper 'colouring in' technique (which you would think we'd have by the end of grade 1), and because of the demonstration, they actually turned out quite well.  Here's one of the finished products that I was pretty thrilled with.

We wrapped them up in bags inspired by this pin, and sent them home.  I still don't know if I'll repeat this again, but it wasn't so bad for this year ;)