Saturday, September 28

I have a "very hungry caterpillar" on my hands!

This week was 'baby week' over at my place.  I had visits from 2 boys (and their teacher moms) who are just a little bit older than Abby, one of my good friends had a baby girl, we went to 'baby time' at our local library, and I finally, yes FINALLY, finished the nursery.

Abby is now 2 and a half months old.  We got through 2 month vaccination shots without too much difficulty, but my little sweet pea is growing like a weed.  She's over 12 pounds (up from 7.1 pounds the day after she was born) and 24 inches long!  We've been using the bassinet attachment with our Baby Jogger City Select stroller, and today my hubby had to re-assemble the seat, because Abby barely fits inside the bassinet anymore!  She's getting so big because of all she's eating, so I've nicknamed her my 'very hungry caterpillar' :)

We have lots of things on the "go" over here.  We're working on finishing up the final touches to our house renovations (which have been ongoing over the past year).  I've also been trying out lots of Pinterest ideas (especially recipes) lately.  I think I'll do a summary post about those soon.  But my most rewarding part of the week has been finishing up the nursery.  Let me take you on a tour...
 This quilt is the inspiration to the nursery.  It's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" fabric.  I made this quilt about 4 years ago knowing that when we were ready to start a family, the nursery would be in this theme.  I love the bright colours, and also love that it works for a boy or a girl. 

 This is the view walking into the room.

 This is Abby's most favourite spot in the whole house.  She loves laying on the change table and playing with the blinds.  The change table was MINE when I was a baby!  I repainted it with my mom's help this spring and love how it turned out.

I have also had this clock FOREVER.  Maybe since before I was married.  It was from this cute little shop in Port Dover.  This winter I found the pictures, printed them, and made the frame.

My very comfy rocker and caterpillar plush toy!

This is the shelf above the bookshelf in the previous picture.  For now it just holds some books and....

...Abby's baby journal.  It's a FANTASTIC journal.  I think it'd want it even if I had chosen a different theme.   And it holds...

...Abby's shadow box.  I found this idea on Pinterest (see original post here) and knew I wanted to do something similar.  The hat was actually knitted by my grandma.  She knits many hats for the NICU and childbirth ward at our local hospital.  I'm so pleased Abby got to wear one as her first 'chapeau'.

Here is her crib.  I love it.  IKEA!!!   And a shout out to my mom who sewed all of the bedding for her room.  I am so very blessed to have such a talented 'maman'!

 An Eric Carle sensory toy.

Another Eric Carle Toy.

I was going to get hand-painted letters from Etsy that were 'on theme' but I couldn't justify the price.  So white letters from Michael's it is!

Her mobile!  I love Love LOVE this mobile.  It took me a really long time to find one that wasn't just stuffed animals on string.  This is from Manhattan Toy (love their toys too!!!) and I think this mobile is awesome because:

1. The pictures face down so she can actually see what is hanging, but there are also pictures hanging out so it's nice to look at as you walk in.
2. They are simple black and white (i.e. high contrast) pictures which are perfect for her developing eye-sight.
3. The cards are INTERCHANGEABLE!!  So as she grows, I can switch them out with coloured cards, flip them over, keep it interesting for her.
4. It doesn't clash with my 'theme' ;)

A shelf area beside her crib.
A lovely frame from Chapters.  Her first picture!

 More Eric Carle toys....

 My only real 'splurge' with the nursery.  This rocker I also purchased from Chapters and it has received glowing reviews from the toddlers who have visited her room.  Hopefully she'll love it one day too!

I received this Grobag from a friend.  It's 0-6 months.  She purchased it at Winners.  HELP!!!  If you see a larger size in your travels, PLEASE let me know.  She's almost too big for it, but I love it so much and would adore a larger size.  Google has been of NO help to me!

 A peak into her closet to see some of her wardrobe, which is so much nicer (and plentiful) than mine!!!

 Finally a little "artwork"...which is actually just stretched material over a frame.  Love how they turned out though.

Since I didn't have a classroom to 'decorate' this fall, I've put all my energy into Abby's room.  Thanks for taking the time to tour it with me :)

Sunday, September 8

Back to school...non-back to school style

So this is the first year in I-don't-know-how-long where I have not been in a school for the first day back.  One could argue I was in a better place, at home with my little pudding pop, but I'll admit I was a bit melancholy on Tuesday.

See, the first day of school is one of the most exciting of the WHOLE year, with maybe the exception of the last day of school.  It's a day of...
nervous energy

new beginnings
new friendships
new goals
(usually) a new outfit!

a fresh start
a fresh take on teaching
a fresh group of students
and fresh (and sharp!) pencils

I was missing all of the above on Tuesday.  I even had a few nights of back to school nightmares!  You know the kind where you show up the first day with nothing planned/nothing photocopied/nothing ready.  Or that you show up late and can't find your class.  Or that the principal changes your classroom location the day before school starts (which was my dream this year!).

I know that next year I'll likely be dreading going back, so I'll need to come back and re-read this post to remind myself how great the first day of school truly is!  Until then, I guess I'll just enjoy a bunch of other 'firsts'... and this :)