Tuesday, April 16

Cloudy with a chance of...freezing rain!

So last week, we had some unusual weather in Ontario for April.  They were forecasting severe freezing rain Thursday and our school board decided to close the schools.  It was an unexpected, yet welcome treat.  So Thursday came and went, and the weather did NOT materialize...and then Friday came...

I said to my hubby "Even if we get 15 feet of snow, there's no way they're closing the schools for a 2nd day!", and unfortunately, I was right.  Friday's weather was horrible...turns out over 20 schools in our region ended up closed anyways because they didn't have any power!!  I thought it was the most opportune time to talk about crazy weather and dug out my copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett and headed over to First Grade Fever to get a copy of her awesome (and free!) worksheets.

 I didn't know how many kiddos would show up for school, so I thought this was the perfect break from our 'regular programming' and gave the students a chance to show off their creativity.  And boy did they ever.  Here's a few samples of what they came up with!

"I wish it would rain careys (cherries) because it is the best frot (fruit) I had ever tasted in my live (life)."
Awesome justification on that one.  I love cherries too! 

"I wish it would rain ice crem because you don't have to go to the store"
Now this little one is clearly after my heart since they know how I adore ice cream...it's actually a running joke with the class ;) 

"I wish it would rain CupCakes because I well (will) try to eut (eat) ole (all) of them in 1 minits (minute)."
Good luck with that one buddy!! 

"I wish it would rain Lego because I wat (want) ol (all) the Lego sets."
Now that's some "outside the box" thinking there.

The rest were equally as cute and I'll be binding them into a book for our class library.

Au revoir, mes amis!